Craftsmen at the Cutting Edge

Our small team of highly experienced craftsmen are in a league of their own. Their depth of knowledge and breadth of experience is the result of years of training, hard work and an unweilding desire to remain at the very top of their game.

Prestige cars have always been our speciality. However, today we work with science as well as art, delivering technical capacity around materials and elements like aluminium, riveting, bonding and composite materials like carbon fibre and plastics.

Portfolio of Automotive Exotica

We’ve been entrusted (and privileged) to repair and restore many incredible cars at File Finish and this is just as true every day. An inspection of our facilities and the cars that take up temporary residence is, for a car aficionado, a dream.

It’s not uncommon to stroll past a million dollars of automotive royalty in just a few steps. At any one time, an Aston Martin Vanquish may share the floor with a Range Rover Vogue, a Jaguar XK-R, a Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead and a McLaren MP4-12C.

What our Clients Say About Us

When you’re working with motor cars in the premium luxury and exotic end of the scale, it isn’t enough to produce good work or even great work. Our clients expect to be amazed and delighted. In short, they expect perfection. This is the standard we work to and one we take great pride and pleasure in delivering.

Here is what some of our clients have told us.

Morgan-SmallI have had business dealings with Rohan Pearce from File Finish since 1997. Throughout this time I have only been impressed with the quality of the work done by his company on the Aston Martin, Lotus, MG, Rover, Morgan and Caterham cars with which I have been associated during this period.

Chris van Wyk – Managing Director
Morgan & Caterham Cars Australia

Aston-Martin-Red-SmallThe standard of repairs has always matched the exceptional hand painted, hand assembled and hand finished quality of the Aston Martin factory and Rohan’s tireless dedication to exceeding his customer’s expectations is second to none in the industry.

Marcel Fabris – Sales and After Sales Manager
Aston Martin Lagonda

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